Anil Bhattarai

    Founder of TheSunTribune

    Anil Bhattarai is a digital nomad, pr expert, and freelance journalist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the co-founder and editor of and the CEO of Nikolavinci Technology and Business.

    You can reach Anil at

    Rashila Shahi


    Rashila Shahi is the head content writer and editor-in-chief for
    She is the co-founder at makeupmiragenepal, journalist at thesuntribune and head of content creation at Nikolavinci.
    You can reach Rashila at

    Aashish Bhattarai

    Co-Founder / Editor

    Aashish Bhattarai is a data analyst, writer, and freelance journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the co-founder and editor of
    You can reach Aashish at

    Angel Karki

    Co-Founder / Editor

    Angel Karki, a freelance journalist, skillfully merges storytelling with a passion for hotel management. His articles reflect precision and captivate diverse audiences. As the co-founder of TheSunTribune, he channels entrepreneurial spirit into innovatively bridging the realms of media and hospitality, leaving an indelible mark on both fronts.

    Anmol Poudel

    Journalist / Author

    Anmol Poudel, a freelance journalist, seamlessly blends impactful storytelling with a tech-savvy mindset. Navigating journalism and technology, he leaves an indelible mark in both realms with creativity and precision.

    Arpan Thapa

    Journalist / Editor

    Arpan Thapa, an accomplished writer, delves into Hollywood and entertainment news with insight and flair. With a keen eye for industry trends, he captures the essence of entertainment.